How to get a S1 document


S1 forms are issued to individuals residing in one EEA country but having their healthcare benefits covered by another EEA country, such as state pensioners and posted workers.

What does S1 entitle you for?

The purpose of the S1 scheme is to grant access to national public healthcare services for those registered under S1 scheme to healthcare while residing in another EEA country which is not their competent Member State.

Who is eligible for the Service?

Pensioners and Posted Workers who live in one EEA country, but whose healthcare benefactor is another EEA country.

How to apply for the S1

Send a copy of the A1 Document to the Entitlement Unit [email protected]

Renewing your S1 document

The issued S1 will be valid according to the dates specified on the A1 document. To renew the S1, one must reapply for an A1 document. Once the A1 is issued, this must be forwarded to the Entitlement Unit at [email protected]

What are the Applicant’s obligations?

Applicants are obliged to provide correct information and supporting documents requested by the Entitlement Unit. Applications which are incorrectly completed or lacking necessary documentation will not be processed.

The Entitlement Unit must be notified holder of the S1:

  • Passes Away

What will the Entitlement Unit provide in return?

  • The Entitlement Unit will process the S1 Document the same day of the receipt of application including all requirement documents (A1 Document).
  • The registered S1 document will be sent through EESSI to the Institution in member state where the person will reside.

Quick Steps to get your S1 Document

Step 1

Complete your A1 Application

Step 2

Send the A1 to [email protected]

Step 3

Your request will be processed and sent to your Competent Institution

Step 4

Your Certificate of Entitlement will be issued by your Competent Institution

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This page was last updated on 22th September 2023

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