How to get a Reciprocal Healthcare Agreement Card (RHA)

Registration for Healthcare Entitlement for UK Nationals under the Reciprocal Health Agreement between Malta and the UK

The purpose of this registration scheme is to facilitate access for national public healthcare services for UK nationals who otherwise would not be entitled.

Follow this information to obtain this service:


  • Persons registered with the Entitlement Unit under this scheme will be issued with an entitlement card hereinafter referred to as RHA Entitlement Card.
  • Persons issued with the RHA Entitlement Card will be entitled for free healthcare services in local public healthcare institutions on an in-patient and out-patient basis as well as other specialist services provided for Maltese nationals.

RHA Entitlement Card holders will not be entitled for:

  • treatment abroad including the UK
  • the European Health Insurance Card
  • long-term care and other things and services provided for under the Social Security Act and other legislation.

As from the 1st July 2010, UK nationals covered by the Reciprocal Health Agreement will be required to present the new Entitlement Card or Provisional Entitlement Certificate to be issued in terms of this agreement to access public healthcare services.

Who is eligible for the Service?

UK passport holders who are ordinary residents of Malta and who are not covered for healthcare through EU Regulations.

Applying for an RHA Entitlement Card

Registration for this scheme requires that a separate application form is to be submitted for each person.

You can apply by:

  • Downloading and application by clicking here, fill it up and send on below indicated postal address.
  • Collecting an application forms from the Entitlement Unit and return it to the Ground Floor, Ex-Outpatient Block, St Luke’s Hospital, G’Mangia Hill, G’Mangia, Malta.

N.B.: Applicants who are not in a position to supply a copy of their residence certificate/permit with the application may still apply however they will be only given a provisional cover.

Renewing an RHA Entitlement Card

The issued card will be valid for 2 years. Applications for renewals will be received up to 1 month before the expiry date. In cases where you are applying before the expiry of the card, the still valid card has to be submitted with the application for a new card to be issued.

What are the Applicant’s obligations?

Applicants are obliged to provide correct information and supporting documents requested by the Entitlement Unit. Applications which are incorrectly filled or lacking supporting documentation will not be processed.

The valid RHA Entitlement Card must be presented each time the card holder requires in-patient or out-patient services in national public healthcare institutions.

The Entitlement Unit must be informed if a cardholder:

  • Dies
  • Starts work or starts getting a state pension from another country
  • Moves address in Malta, or to another country including the UK.

What will the Department / Unit provide in return?

The Entitlement Unit will issue the RHA Entitlement Card within 15 working days from receipt of application. Cards are processed on a first come first served basis.

Quick Steps to get your RHA

Step 1

Download the app

Step 2

Choose to Request a RHA

Step 3

Fill in the information Required

Step 4

Get your RHA in the post

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