Applying for Spectacles

Entitlement is to one set of spectacles during a one-year period (twelve [12] months).

Applications for free spectacles can only be made after 12 months from the last prescription’s date e.g. if your last prescription was dated 1/12/22, your next prescription should be dated 2/12/23 or later. 


  1. Applicants visit a doctor for an eyeglass prescription
  2. The doctor’s prescription must be written in full on the form entitled ‘PRESCRIPTION FOR FREE SPECTACLES’ of the Department of Health (see picture)

  1. The following must be included:
    1. A copy of the applicant’s valid Pink Form or valid Schedule V document
    2. The applicant’s home address (where a reply will be received) and contact number
  2. Please note – applications must be posted.
  3. The original signed prescription and copies of the Pink Form/Schedule V document should be posted to:
    Entitlement Unit, Ground Floor, Ex-Outpatients Block, St. Luke’s Hospital, G’Mangia Hill, G’Mangia

What will be provided in return?

If the applicant is entitled, they will receive a document by post to inform them where to take their prescription and documents to have their spectacles done.

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This page was last updated on 09 November 2022

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