How to claim for medical costs incurred during a temporary stay in another EU Member State

If you incurred costs for medical treatment during a temporary stay in another EU Member State you may be entitled to have these costs reimbursed.

To find out you need to submit a claim to the Entitlement Unit, which will take the necessary steps to liaise with the country where the costs were incurred to determine whether you are entitled for reimbursement and the amount refundable to ensure that you are treated equally as any National of that particular EU/EEA Member State.

To do this please send us the completed claim form along with the invoice and original receipts for any costs you incurred. Your claim cannot be processed without the abovementioned documents.

Download the application form here.

You must send the completed form and evidence to:

Entitlement Unit,
Ground Floor, Ex-Outpatients Block
St. Luke’s Hospital
Gwardamanġia hill
Gwardamangia, Malta

The Entitlement Unit will do its utmost to expedite this refund procedure however please note that different EU/EEA Member States have different reply communication timelines.

Quick Steps to Claim for Medical costs incurred in another EU Member State

Step 1

Download the application form

Step 2

Fill in the form and provide evidence of costs

Step 3

Send the completed form to the Entitlement Unit with evidence

Step 4

We’ll Liaise with the other Member State and inform you of the decision

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This page was last updated on 23rd February 2024

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